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le petit dejeuner

The preparation begins.....

Posted on 2012.11.20 at 11:13
The pumpkins have been roasted.......

.....and puréed.....
Tomorrow they will become pumpkin pies! Nothing tops a good Thanksgiving meal like pumpkin pie....

....unless it's apple pie! To be continued.....


Downton Abbey Season 3 is coming!

Posted on 2012.09.21 at 15:21
Calling all Downton Abbey fans!  Season 3 is coming to the States on January 6th 2013!  Woo-Hoo!

Has it already been shown in the U.K.?  If so, please no spoilers.....I am really looking forward to this next season.  In the meantime, enjoy one of the best parts of this series:  The incredible Dame Maggie Smith.

le petit dejeuner

R.I.P. Dick Clark

Posted on 2012.04.18 at 16:00
Today, we lost a true icon in the world of television and music.  Dick Clark passed away at the age of 82.  He will forever be in the memories of my childhood and youth as we would watch American Bandstand every Saturday morning to hear the latest music and see the latest artists perform while the studio audience danced the newest dance craze.  In the 60's and 70's I remember watching The Supremes, Three Dog Night, Ike and Tina Turner, The Jackson 5, Paul Revere and the Raiders.  It was wonderful to get to see the artists that you only heard on the radio.  

Dick Clark was dubbed "America's Oldest Teenager" because the man never seemed to age.  He kept his youthful appearance for many, many years.  Only in the past decade, after some serious health issues, did he seem to finally show his true age.  Good-bye old friend, and rest in peace.

Last night I opened up a fortune cookie......and there was no fortune in it!!  What does this say about my life?


It's about time for some GOOD news for a change!

Posted on 2012.03.19 at 18:03
Last week we actually got some GOOD news for a change.  This past year has been the year from hell.  Last March, my son had a terrible seizure at school, fell, and fractured the C-1 vertebrae in his neck.  We were told that although it is fractured, the ligaments were strong and holding the bones in place and he should be healed in approximately 3 months.  With the seizures under control with medication, we were told not to worry too much.  We brought him home, rented a hospital bed, and nursed him through those first few painful weeks.  After 6 weeks at home, he was able to go back to school and graduate with his class but had to wear a ridgid neck brace almost 24/7, taking it off only to bathe and shave. 

We were referred to a neuro-surgeon for consultation.  His HMO (health maintenance organization) in their brilliance, sent us to an elderly neurosurgeon who no longer performed surgery.  An x-ray and CT scan after 4 months revealed that it had not only NOT healed but was worse with the bone separating in the back and a bone fragment working it's way away from the rest of the vertebrae with the possible danger of it pressing on the spinal cord and causing serious permanant damage.  This did not seem to bother the elderly gentleman.  He told me he has read about cases just like these that have taken up to a year to heal and to not worry, just continue to wear the neck brace.  He did however put in a referral to another neurosurgeon who actually does perform surgery to get his opinion.

After waiting 3 months for the HMO to approve this 2nd consultation, we saw the second neurosurgeon.  He also had x-rays and a CT scan performed.  He was shocked that it hadn't healed properly after 6 months.  His comment was, if it hasn't started healing within 3 months, then it probably won't heal at all.  He was ready to put him in a halo brace saying that the current neck brace he has been wearing allowed for too much movement and if I wanted to avoid surgery (which I did) that this was our only option. Keep his neck completely immobile for another three months and see if it will heal (but he was skeptical).  He was all for performing surgery to fuse together the C-1 and C-2 vertebrae which would permanantly restrict the side-to-side movement and up and down movement of his neck to just a few millimeters each direction.  The thought of either of these options made me sick to my stomach. 

Those few of you who know me well, know that my son has moderate autism.  He has difficulty communicating and is very limited verbally.  Despite this, he has always been very physically active.  Before this accident, he was playing baseball, ice hockey, basketball and bowling.  Sports also served as a social outlet for him as typical social situations were difficult for him.  How was I going to explain to him that after 6 months of enduring his ridgid neck brace, that we were now going to put him in a brace that resembled some medievel torture device?  Worse yet, if he had surgery, he wouldn't be able to play sports the way he used to.  I felt lower than low. 

In the meantime, I began to feed him twice-a-day calcium supplements with vitamin D.  Then we received a letter from his HMO.  They had decided to change management companies.  That meant that neurosurgeon #2 was not on their approved list of doctors and he would have to see a different doctor.  Please request a referral.  Well, again it took 3 months for them to "review" his case and approve his consultation with a neurosurgeon.  By December I was screaming at the approval department, "WHAT IS THERE TO REVIEW????  HE HAS A BROKEN NECK!!!!"  By January, I had an appointment with neurosurgeon #3.  After hearing this sad story, he ordered a battery of tests.  An MRI, a CT scan, a nuclear BONE SCAN and an X-RAY (my poor son now glows in the dark).  By the time all of these tests were approved and performed it was now March, just two weeks shy of the anniversary of his accident.  But somewhere within that last 6 months, a miracle happened.  His MRI, BONE SCAN, and X-Ray came back as "unremarkable" and near normal with scant traces that there ever was a fractured bone.  The CT scan was the only test that showed signs of a bone that had been formerly injured but was now healed.  So, elderly doctor #1 was correct.  Give it time.  In some cases, a year is neccessary for bones to heal, especially crucial neck vertebrae.  Though, I think my calcium supplements played a vital role as well.  NO MORE NECK BRACE! NO NEED FOR SURGERY!  He is healed!!  He can return to all normal activity.....with the exception of ice hockey.  The doctor suggests waiting at least another 6 months before trying that again.  I agree.

Last year several weeks after the accident.  He could no longer play, but was asked to come back to be in the team picture.


I adore Maggie Smith!

Posted on 2012.02.19 at 18:17
Tonight is the final episode of Downton Abbey season (or series, if you like) 2.  From what I have been reading, the writer/creator of this wonderful program has been specially writing these amusing one-liners for Maggie Smith.  It's one thing to write a funny retort, but it's another to deliver them successfully.  I give you the master,......uh....mistress of comedy: Dame Maggie Smith:

*Warning, if you are planning to watch this program soon, the following may contain spoilers.  Otherwise, please enjoy


Gettin' down at Downton

Posted on 2012.02.13 at 11:42
Has anybody else been watching the ITV series Downton Abbey?  It's been a long time since I've been so caught up in a television series.  I become jittery with anticipation as Sunday evening at 9 pm approaches.  Will Matthew Crawley really marry Miss Lavinia Swire?  How can Lady Mary Crawley stand Sir Richard Carlisle when it's really Matthew she loves?  Will Mr. Bates and Anna finally find happiness?  When will naive Daisy ever find the backbone to stand up to Mrs. Patmore?  Did O'Brian have anything to do with the death of Vera Bates?  These questions haunt me all week until I'm reduced to a blubbering mass of goo by the following Sunday. In last night's episode, the manor house was visited by the Spanish Flu (which provided me the answer to question #1). But there are still so many unanswered questions.  I know the viewers in the UK already know what has happened so no spoilers, please. 

Oh my, how this series has gotten under my skin.  It's been such a refreshing change however to the mind-numbing drivel of Real Housewives or My Dog ate WHAT? I really wish there were more programs like Downton Abbey.  No explosions (outside of war scenes), no car crashes, no expletive-laced catfights...just a riveting story in period costume.  What more could a girl ask for?


Kids say the darndest things........

Posted on 2011.10.21 at 11:43
This one had me cleaning spewed coffee off of my computer screen:

Posted on 2011.08.21 at 09:54
If this has been posted before, I apologize....I don't always see every post. These guys are pretty clever and talented!!


"Is it chocolate.........?"

Posted on 2011.07.12 at 16:34
I love it!! Our dear potions Master has won the POTTER WORLD CUP!

One of the better interviews I've seen him give regarding the Harry Potter series. He's been voted the favorite character of the series among the fans. Can't wait until Friday to see his performance.

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